Littlelamb Nappies

Reusable Swim Nappy

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Experience Stress-Free Swimming with Our Reusable Swim Nappies: They're Soft on Your Baby's Skin, Unfailingly Durable, and Super Stylish in Adorable Prints.

Swim nappies, also known as swim diapers or swim pants, are essential for parents in the UK looking to introduce their babies to the joy of swimming at an early age. These specially designed nappies serve a unique purpose in ensuring a clean and enjoyable swimming experience for both parents and their little water enthusiasts.

  • Containment of Solid Waste: Swim nappies are engineered to contain solid waste (poo) while allowing liquids (wee) to pass through easily. This is crucial for maintaining hygiene in swimming pools and at the beach.
  • Waterproof but Not Water-Absorbent: Unlike regular nappies, swim nappies do not swell or become waterlogged in the pool or sea. This ensures that your baby's movements are unrestricted, allowing them to enjoy the water safely.
  • Easy to Use: Velcro fastening means this swim nappy is quick and easy to fit onto wriggling babies, giving you more time in the water. The velcro means this nappy design is just as secure as a disposable swim nappy and easy to remove even when wet.
  • Easy to clean: After use, wash, dry and reuse!

Sustainably made in Turkey.

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