Potty Training Pants

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Introducing our innovative potty-training pants ‚Äď the perfect crossover between a pull-up and training pants. Crafted for a seamless transition from nappies to regular undies, these clever pants feature an absorbent hemp/cotton inner layer and a waterproof outer layer, eliminating the need for bulky disposable pull-ups.

Quick-release snaps make bathroom breaks a breeze, and sizes up to 4 years old cater to various needs, including incontinence. Not just for potty training, these pants are a versatile solution for parents seeking convenience, sustainability, and comfort.

Choose confidence with a product that promotes wetness awareness, aiding in the transition to regular undies. Our commitment to natural fabrics, including OEKO-TEX¬ģ certified materials, ensures the best for your little one.

Say goodbye to disposable pull-ups and embrace a smarter, eco-friendly approach with our potty-training pants ‚Äď your all-in-one solution for hassle-free toilet training.

Using our potty-training pants is simple and efficient:

  1. Transition Step: Use the pants as a transitional step from nappies to regular underwear. The absorbent hemp/cotton inner layer and waterproof outer layer provide a unique balance.

  2. Feeling Wetness: The pants allow your child to feel dampness without the mess, promoting awareness. This is crucial for the transition to regular undies.

  3. Quick Release: The quick-release snaps make bathroom breaks easy. Anticipate when your child needs to use the potty and remove the pants swiftly.

  4. Washing: Cleaning is a breeze; wash in a hot wash, line dry and repeat. 

  5. Versatility: Beyond potty training, these pants also cater to incontinence in older children. Choose the appropriate size, available up to 4 years old, for optimal support.

  6. Sustainability: Embrace an eco-friendly approach by ditching disposable pull-ups. Our pants offer a reusable, sustainable solution for your child's toilet training journey.

  7. Comfort Priority: With natural fabrics, including a soft cotton terry lining and two layers of natural hemp and cotton, prioritise your child's comfort throughout the process.

Make toilet training a positive experience with our versatile and user-friendly potty-training pants ‚Äď the smart choice for parents seeking ease, sustainability, and comfort.

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